best driving tips from veteran drivers.

2021/03/11 16:59:36

Drivers, I believe that when you get your new trailer or truck, the mood is certainly very happy, you can’t wait to drive. Whether you are a new driver or a veteran driver, driving a truck is not a trivial matter. Be careful and pay attention to the driving process. Today we’re not going to talk about trailers and trucks. Today we’re going to summarize you 15 best driving tips from veteran drivers.


If driver’s license is the first important condition for a driver to drive on the road, then the driver’s driving skills, judgment of road conditions and psychological quality are more important prerequisites for safe driving.

1. When drive normally on road, front car suddenly close to line and give way to you, absolutely no good, drivers have not this consciousness, must not give oil overtake front car, had better immediately pine oil prepare brake, at the same time observation two side rear view mirror of the dump truck quickly, judge which side you should close to, 80% have a situation in front.

2. Don’t get too close to traffic jam or lights, unless someone wants to gasser, at least leave enough space to break out in case the car ahead breaks down and you’re stuck in the middle. That’s what an old driver told me when he spent half an hour with the car in front of him.

3. When queuing, in order to prevent others to jam, in the side of the car to jam, leave half body. For example, if you are queuing in the left-turn lane and people are often coming from the straight road, you try to use the right wheel to drive on the right side of the left-turn lane, so as to give yourself space to detour to the left, and then follow the car in front. It is very difficult to achieve the congestion.

4. When you’re having trouble looking at another car in the rear view mirror, it’s time to turn on the lights, not for seeing the road, but for you can be seen, especially in the daytime when it’s raining! If you like, you should turn on the lights when your speed going over 100, which I did anyway.

5. When parking, try to turn the front of your truck tractor outwards, one is convenient when leaving and another important function is to prevent theft, although this is not a panacea, but if I were a thief, only the opportunity to steal a car, I steal the front of the car inwards.

6. The principle of driving in parallel is not to let the car behind you hit the brakes. This is also your principle as a pedestrian when crossing the road. If you ask him to hit the brakes to avoid you, he will probably hit the gas pedal!

7. when crossing the intersection must slow down, whether it is green or not, at least can not refueling, especially at the intersection without traffic lights, in our country, many people do not cherish life, don’t fight with them.

8. Even if you are new to the road, don’t drive too slowly on the highway, or on the better roads which not on the highway.

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9. In my opinion, the most dangerous enemy of driving is not driving too fast, but distraction! When driving fast car often focus, if there is no emergency, generally no accident, I am not advocating driving fast, 10 accidents 9 fast, once an accident there is life danger, it is best to drive at a moderate speed! I scared to sweat several times were happened when I was distracted.I remembered my mobile phone rang, I looked down to see who’s calling, when I looked up, the front car red brake light is so dazzling, the nearest one, do not be distracted.

10. When driving at night, do not sway the truck in front with far light, they do not understand and not going to give way to you, you do so can only make the opposite driver dizzy, just honk. I have often seen drivers dazzle pedestrians with their lights in vain, only to see the glare from the vehicles opposite.

11.After the rain, when you see water pit on unfamiliar road,  be sure to slow down, because you do not know how deep it is, the best is to follow a car, once I just stopped at the side of the road, let a car behind the past to give the road, do not waste time.

12. If you encounter a puddle on the highway, avoid it. Don’t expect to see a splash. If you can’t avoid it, try to press the water together with the two front wheels. Although the puddles on the highway are generally not deep, if one side of the wheel is pressed, it will instantly lose grip. If the speed is very fast, it will throw out sideways, or even overturn the car.

13. After parking for more than 3 hours, start again and be sure to heat the car in whatever season,heat car is not the water temperature, but your lubrication system.

14. After parking, don’t put anything in the car, don’t think not to put your wallet, computer bag on the car is safe,sometime a half cigarette may bet your car glass!

15. There are several rules of not overtaking: do not exceed when you turn the corner, do not exceed when there is an intersection in front, do not exceed when the red light turns green to start, do not exceed before you have completely passed the intersection. If you want to drive faster, just slightly ahead, see all the circumstances of the intersection, then you can exceed.

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